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    DGT4X - 稱重變送器/壓力變送器

    DGT4X - 稱重/壓力變送器Weight transmitter for weight transfer to PLC via fieldbus, analog output or RS485.

    It allows the reading and diagnostics of each load cell or each connected scale.




    集成 Web 服務器作為配置、診斷和數據備份的標準。

    DGT4X變送器與 DGT4變送器 相比, 有什么不同

    • New cutting-edge processor, able to process up to 2600 weight readings per second. The high speed allows an extremely accurate weight filtering even with weighing times in the order of milliseconds.

    • New cell feed circuit for greater weighing stability.

    • Power supply circuit with protections, specific for industrial environments.

    • Removable terminal blocks to simplify wiring in the electrical panel.

    • Frontal micro-USB communication port for configuration, diagnostics and data backup.

    • XSPEED TOOL: New PC software with oscilloscope function for system diagnostics and weighing filter optimization.

    • 14.2 mm display.

    • New configuration menu to simplify calibration and configuration.

    • RS485 communication port always available on all versions.

    • Up to 120 fieldbus updates per second.


    • 集成的 WEB SERVER 允許從以太網網絡對重量變送器進行完整的診斷、校準和遠程配置。


    PC XSPEED 工具軟件

    • PC 的特定程序,旨在提高任何稱重系統的性能。

    • 定制稱重過濾器,提高靜態和動態應用中稱重的速度和準確性。

    • 用于識別機械干擾和振動的圖形稱重分析。

    PC XSPEED 工具軟件


    • Power supply: 12-24Vdc

    • Converter: A/D 24 bit with 4 channel

    • Max scale number: 4

    • Load cells connection: 4 or 6 wires (with sense)

    • Operating modes:

    • - Digital junction box

    • - Multi-scale transmitter

    • - Single-scale transmitter

    • Conversion rate: up to 3200 conv./sec

    • Selectable sampling rate: up to 2600 conv./sec

    • Fieldbus update rate: up to 120 Hz

    • Displaying: up to 1.000.000d

    • Signal sensitivity: 0,03 μV/d (0,3 μV/e)

    • Resolution: 3.000.000 counts

    • Linearization: up to 8 points

    • Connectable load cells: up to 16 350 Ω cells

    • Fieldbus: ProfibusProfinetEthernetIPEtherCATEthernetIPCANopenDeviceNetModbusTCP/IP.

    • Serial ports:

    • - 1 Micro-USB port (device) for PC configuration with "Dinitools?" and "XSpeed Tool".

    • - 1 RS485 port

    • - 1 RS232 port (Mod. DGT4X / DGT4XAN)

    • Analog output: 16 bit (DGT4XAN Model) 4-20mA or 0-10Vdc.

    • Digital outputs: n. 2 configurable OUTPUTS

    • Digital inputs: n. 2 configurable INPUTS

    • Certifications:

    • - OIML R76 (10000e or 3000 + 3000e) / R51 / R61 MID

    • - UL Listed (upon request)

    • - EU Type Examination Certificate (45501:2015)

    • - NMI S788 certificate

    • Case: ABS, for Din bar (106 x 56 x 118 mm)

    • Calibration:

    • - Theoretical (mV\V)

    • - With sample weights

    • - Remotely by WEB SERVER

    • - From the keyboard

    • - From PC with "Dinitools"

    • Keyboard functions:

    • Zeroing, Tare, Function mode, Manual data printing/sending, ON/Stand-by

    • Program functions:

    • Setpoint, High resolution, Peak, Alibi Memory, Unit of measure conversion, Unbalancing alarm, Broken load cell exclusion

    • Keyboard: mechanical with 5 keys

    • Display: 14,2mm red LED


    • UL certified version

    Available versions


    DGT4XHigh speed weight transmitter for DIN bar with 4 channels, 2 IN and 2 OUT. 5-key keypad, LED display.

    DGT4XANHigh speed weight transmitter for DIN bar with 4 channels , 2 IN, 2 OUT, analogue output. 5-key keypad, LED display.

    DGT4XPRONETHigh speed 4 channel Din rail weight transmitter, with 2 IN, 2 OUT and PROFINET port. 5-key keypad, LED display.

    DGT4XPBHigh speed 4 channel Din rail weight transmitter, with 2 IN, 2 OUT and Profibus port. 5-key keypad, LED display.

    DGT4XETHCATHigh speed 4 channel Din rail weight transmitter, with 2 IN, 2 OUT and EtherCAT port. 5-key keypad, LED display.

    DGT4XETHIPHigh speed 4 channel Din rail weight transmitter, with 2 IN, 2 OUT and EthernetIP port. 5-key keypad, LED display.

    DGT4XCANOPHigh speed 4 channel Din rail weight transmitter, with 2 IN, 2 OUT and CANopen port. 5-key keypad, LED display.

    DGT4XDEVNETHigh speed 4 channel Din rail weight transmitter, with 2 IN, 2 OUT and DeviceNet port. 5-key keypad, LED display.

    DGT4XMODTCPHigh speed 4 channel Din rail weight transmitter, with 2 IN, 2 OUT and MODBUS TCP/IP port. 5-key keypad, LED display.
    Approval for sale to third parties

    稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司KCEMPlates and Welmec form for legal trade use of a scale. NET PRICE. Service available in combination with a Dini Argeo indicator.
    PC Softwares

    稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司XSPEED"XSPEED" PC software with oscilloscope function for system diagnostics and weighing filter optimization. Specific for DGT4X.

    稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司TPRP(S1) Panel thermal printer. Fitted with connection cable, 5Vdc power supply (power adapter not included).
    稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司TPRPCAL5Vdc power supply unit.
    Clock Calendar / Alibi Memory for type-approved communication

    稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司ALMEM-1(S1) Alibi memory (fiscal memory, max 120.000 weighs) for approved weight transmission to PC/PLC or data recording on MMC/USB. Built-in real time clock to print the date/time with PCB, screw terminal, plastic box and UL-marked labels (if applicable).
    稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司DFCLK(S1) Real time clock for printing/displaying of date and time. With UL marked PCB, screw terminal, plastic box and labels (if applicable).
    Power supplier for DIN bar

    稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司MDR201212Vdc power suppliy unit for DIN bar. 110/240Vac input. CE and UL certified. Not compatible with BOX2121S.
    稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司DR151212Vdc power supplier for DIN bar. 110/240Vac input.
    ABS boxes for wall mounting

    稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司BOX2121SWall IP65 box with transparent door. Dimensions 210x210x100 mm, equipped with 2 cable glands. Suitable for DGT1 and DGT4 series instruments.
    Options for ATEX version

    稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司ZBA1SIntrinsic protection three channel Zener barrier. Specific for connection to load cells, for mounting on DIN rail in a safe area, or in a flame-proof case. Marking: ATEX/IECEx II (1) GD [Ex ia Ga] IIC [Ex ia Da] IIIC. Provided with safety instructions and the ATEX EU declaration of conformity (EN, DE, FR, ES and IT).
    稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司KZBA-1ATEX ABS housing kit with Zener Barrier ZBA1S for load cells. For intrinsically safe weighing systems in a dangerous zone. Dimensions 179x359x166,5mm. It can connect up to 4 350 Ohm load cells. Marking of housing + Zener Barrier ZBA1S: ATEX II 3(1)G Ex nA [ia Ga] IIC T4 Gc X for gas, ATEX II 3(1)D Ex tc [ia Da] IIIC T135°C Dc IP66 X for dust. Provided with safety instructions and the ATEX EU declaration of conformity (EN and IT).

    KMB4-1Kit of 3 ATEX Zener barriers for load cells, in an ABS box. For up to 4 load cells of 350 ohm, for intrinsic protection weighing systems in a dangerous area. Marking of the whole box with three Zener barriers: ATEX II 3(1)G Ex nA [ia Ga] IIC T4 Gc (-20°C ≤ Ta ≤ +40°C) for gas, ATEX II 3(1)D Ex tb [ia Da] IIIC T130°C Dc IP65 (-20°C ≤ Ta ≤ +40°C) for dusts. Provided with safety instructions and the ATEX EU declaration of conformity (EN and IT).
    稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司DCATEXMB4ATEX declaration for the whole system with Dini Argeo Zener barriers. Ex II 2G IIC T6 Gb X e Ex II 2D IIIC T125°C Db X system, with label of the whole system, for weight indicator connected to Dini Argeo zener barriers, connected to a mechanical structure with ATEX load cells (each cell must be certified with CCATEX option). Provided with descriptive document of the assembly and ATEX EU declaration of conformity of the assembly (EN and IT).
    稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司JB4QAATEX equalisation box made of ABS IP67, for up to 4 cells. 4 + 1 fairleads. Marking: ATEX II 2G Ex ib IIC T6 Gb for gases, ATEX II 2D Ex tb IIIC T115°C Db IP65 for dust. Provided with safety instructions and the ATEX EU declaration of conformity (EN, DE, FR, ES and IT).
    稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司JB4QAIATEX equalisation box made of stainless steel IP66 for up to 4 cells. 4 + 1 fairleads. Marking: ATEX II 2G Ex ib IIC T6 Gb for gases, ATEX II 2D Ex tb IIIC T115°C Db IP65 for dusts. Provided with safety instructions and the ATEX EU declaration of conformity (EN, DE, FR, ES and IT).
    稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司EXCB6(S6) Shielded, blue, 6x0,22mm2 cable, for EX i (2GD) applications. €/m
    Other options


    UMANPrinted user manual (Free download from the website).

    TECMANPrinted technical manual (Free download from the website).

    TECSUPTechnical assistance by telephone upon request.

    ECEMDOCPrinted EU declaration of conformity, EU certificate of verification, test certificate and metrological book (free download from our website, only for approved CE-M products). NET €.

    All the specifications and images can be subject to variations and upgrades without prior notice.

    • 稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司 _DEVICENET EDS V1.00.zip

    • 稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司 DiniTools_4.21.10.zip

    • 稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司 _ETHERCAT ESI V.200.zip

    • 稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司 EU_TYPE_EXAM_CERT_TPW-ELW.pdf

    • 稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司 _ETHERNETIP EDS V.200.zip

    • 稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司 MANUALS_DGT4X_ENG_v.1.02.zip

    • 稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司 _PROFIBUS GSD.V.2.zip

    • 稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司 MANUALS_DGT4X_ENG_v.1.06.zip

    • 稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司 _PROFINET GSDML V1.05.zip

    • 稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司 NMI_CERTIFICATE_S788.pdf

    • 稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司 0200-NAWI-06080 rev.2 - 3590E_CPWE_DFW_DGT.pdf

    • 稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司 OIML_CERTIFICATE_R51-2006.pdf

    • 稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司 0200-WL-05741 rev.1 - 3590E_CPWE_DFW_DGT.pdf

    • 稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司 OIML_CERTIFICATE_R76 2006-GB1-11.02 REV 2.pdf

    • 稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司 0200-WL-07152 - Dini Argeo - DGT - R61.pdf

    • 稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司 TECH_DRAWING_DGT4X.pdf

    • 稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司 DGT4X_web_adv_banner.zip

    • 稱重儀表,壓力變送器,稱重傳感器,防爆電子秤,無線軸重秤軸重儀,吊鉤秤-Phishine合肥菲軒電子科技有限公司 WEB_SERVER_DGT4X_6.0.zip

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